WoMania at Leading University


In Last MozAwareness event we selected some interested girls. We talked with them and finalized one date for WoMania where to promote Women students in Mozilla and in this event we will create WoMoz at LU FirefoxClub. I am and Our LU FirefoxClub was very much exited about this event because this is the first seminar in our University for awareness of girls. Our all faculty members were very much happy for this.

At first, we  were taught about Mozilla and its mission and were given a brief introduction of WoMoz and #Heforshe.


It was a session to make the girls aware about contributing in open source. We watched Emma Watson’s UN speech about #HeForShe campaign. Then I read out Bengali localized version of Emma Watson UN Speech. Girls were very much interested about WoMoz mission.


Then All of girls Registered to the Firefox Student Ambassador program and Sign up at Firefox Friends.



Girls were eager to learn more and more of Mozilla’s product, like Apps training. After the event girls requested me to take more sessions so that I can teach them more about contributing in OPEN WEB and working on Open Source Projects and promoting the Mozilla’s mission .

After finished the event all girls took a group photo. It was a fantastic event 😀

11652103_1615226782094833_1988605516_nAll photos are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskf2HDNz