Webmaker Kiosk at BIW2015, Sylhet

Bangladesh is a developing country. The current Government has promised the nation to present a fully digital country by 2021. This is currently buzzed as Vision 2021. To materialize this vision of a digital country, the government is greatly focusing on ICT development.

11988514_705480409558403_1929155727118335453_nInternet, the global communication network that allows almost all computers worldwide to connect and exchange information. In Bangladesh, there are over 40 million internet users in the country whom specially use internet through mobile device. People of Bangladesh view internet usage in a limited scope; such as for social networking. So to increase awareness of the life changing capabilities of the internet for every sector, mobile operator Grameenphone and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services(BASIS) with association with the ICT division launched “Bangladesh Internet Week-2015” for the first time. This fair was held at District indoor Stadium, Sylhet on 11th September, 2015. In this massive event, Mozilla Bangladesh also take a part with recent project called ‘Webmaker for Android’ to introduce the user an easier way to conceive their social and economic opportunities and to explode their creative mind.

2015-Webmaker-WebBanners-Vertical-300x600-BanMozilla has been developing tools to help people surf and use the web safely. But, in recent years it has focused on sharing and making on the web. In 2015, Mozilla has introduced a new Android application named Webmaker, which focuses on content sharing on the web, without any prior knowledge of programming or web page generating. The whole app works with simple touch gestures and drag ‘n drop. So, it’s pretty easy to use and almost everyone can use it.

11149587_1198109813551783_4159916636593146140_nOur webmaker exhibited on kiosk, which is a three man standable stall. The number of volunteers of ‘Sylhet Mozillians’ were engaged in and prepared the kiosk with more exquisite way to captivate the interested visitants. We demonstrate the logging process, features to make projects and the technique’s of how to highlight their own project by sharing to social websites.

11987056_982381125152550_6519554823482658018_n10418486_878708068887933_3539463159430588865_nThe stream of visitors were attracted to our kiosk as it was the second kiosk. So, we had to deal with a lot of people, a lot. From the very beginning our kiosk was almost full every minute. We had five volunteers for demonstration and I don’t remember if I saw them sitting or being idle for a single minute. We were asking everyone to get their phone out and download the app then we encouraged them to open an account and made them familiar with the concept and idea behind Webmaker. We face many FAQs of the visitors and it was absolute that their interest towards webmaker dissipates by learning more and more about it. They asked about, how Webmaker is different from other online content sharing platforms, how to share, who can visit their makes, to whom these are visible, will their name will be removed if someone remixes their makes and tons of other interesting questions. We were giving away Sweet Chocolates to every visitors ,pamphlet to a prominent people who visit Mozilla Kiosk, awesome Webmaker stickers, whoever downloaded the app at our kiosk or could show the app installed in their phone!

11223996_878712878887452_9137356353967938030_n12002170_878713072220766_4115706705068135461_n12002982_878712668887473_4772593268064514711_n11230778_878712718887468_9047734937067590953_nOur goal to spread the Webmaker news through Sylhet region was a success. From my experience, there were 300 people visited to our kiosk and around 100 people installed the webmaker app on that spot.

11250201_878713352220738_1060904970886526529_n12003310_878701915555215_5897617821121689354_n11218912_878702042221869_7330343787312525791_n12003291_878702172221856_7179165259373134984_n11012521_878713255554081_652418897310922794_n12009620_982381505152512_4988815023417150709_nThe event ended at 6PM. The whole volunteer team really worked hard as well as we did some recreational fun. The team was full of new Mozillians and I’m happy and honored to lead this effective team. This event was great! With events like this, we can get into the mainstream lot easier. I think we should participate these kinds of events every time we get chance!11988640_127645694251737_8833192584891997361_nFor download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.webmaker



MakerParty Sylhet 2014

This report on MakerParty Sylhet has been long overdue. Apologies for the delay in posting it, I have been super busy lately and have finally managed to find some time to jot down this report.


Maker Party is Mozilla’s global campaign to teach the web of Webmaker project all over the world. This is the biggest event of Mozilla and its innovative indeed. As various universities of various regions all over the world are participating in this event. So, We the Sylhet Mozillians also determined to do a Maker Party at Sylhet ddivision. We set the venue at Leading University and Leading University FirefoxClub co-organized it. We decided to make it happen on 28th August, 2014 and fixed a time which is 9:30AM to 3PM. We confirm all the permissions from Leading University authority and booked our seminar room. Then the time is for decoration and we decorated the whole seminar room with various color balloons and painted posters.


After doing lots of affords, finally the time came to rock. We all the FSA from Sylhet Mozillians reached at our premises just at 8:30 O’clock and started testing microphone, speakers, projector and stand-by electricity connection. The Leading University FirefoxClub members were also there just in time to help and visit our event. Our participant started coming from 9AM and we did an attendance booth outside of our seminar room.

There were 30 participants from
1) Leading University
2) Sylhet Polytechnic institute
3) Metropolitan University
4) Sylhet Engineering College
5) North East University



At first we introduced each other and a welcome speech given by Head of the Computer Science & Engineering department of Leading University Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan. Then we showed one minute silent standing ovation for our MozillaBD reps late Rahid Hasan. After that I took a session on Webmaker tools. A brief description about X-Ray Goggle,Thimble, Popcorn Maker and Appmaker. All of the participant were exited about Appmaker tool. It was most desirable part for our all participants. They want to know that how could he make his own apps without any code. I showed to the participants that how one can make an open web based app just by doing drag and drop, no code needed!



Meanwhile it was already around 1PM and as our event time was from 9:30AM to 3PM. So we provided refreshment lunch to the participants.

10606122_853444774665580_4327636679280990739_n    10522429_853444727998918_7915731340204253143_n


After lunch we started our second session which is HackJam. We part 5 institutes by 5 teams. Then We told them to hack using X-Ray Goggle, make an apps by Appmaker tool and make a slideshow by Popcorn Maker. We gave them one hour to do all this things and told them we will rewarded the two best team.







After finished one hour we selected two best team. The 2nd winner were Metropolitan University who won 500BDT prize money and the 1st winner team was Leading University who won 1000BDT prize money. Head of the Computer Science & Engineering department of Leading University Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan and Leading University FirefoxClub faculty mentor Arif Ahmed rewarded them. Then we provided Webmaker certificate to the every participants.



At the end of the day the event was too much awesome and all the participants enjoyed the event very much.We just made a little effort to make our maker party successful and we realized that we’ve done it for support of our all participants and very thankful to Mozilla for doing such type of initiative event and project to literate the nation about open web and how to use web perfectly. Thanks to the Almighty. We do not forget to take a group photo after our maker party. We’re Mozillian !





For more details along participants makes, photos and twite please visit this link below: