FirefoxOS apps training day at Leading University

postFirefox Student Ambassador of Leading University (LU FirefoxClub) organized a larger program for many interested new coder and students inside of Leading University. The program name is Firefox OS App Training at LU which held on 10 September, 2015.
The event started with the speech of Assistant professor Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan sir , Head of the CSE department. The training went all day long. Mozilla Reps Atique Ahmed Ziad and Mozillian Nadim Tuhin were the trainer of the training.

12016472_951017264960521_722271424_nHere we got many new faces who’re more enthusiastic to make new apps of Firefox OS. At first, We did talked about Mozilla’s goal and purpose and all types products of Mozilla. This session taken by me.
The main contents of our discussion was mainly about Firefox OS and making tools for Firefox OS apps. We were also discussed many aspects of Mozilla’s more. There were almost 40 participants presented this event. Some WoMoz were also in this event. Most of them were astonished to see that they can build an app by using HTML and CSS only!

12030664_951019474960300_2125789487_n21201734098_d312a184c5_bAfter clearance the concept of web apps then we switched to our main content for making a web apps for Firefox OS. Nadim Tuhin showed his presentation at first to build a proper web apps. He has also Discussed about HTML5, CSS and Application Programming Interface- API.


All of our trainee keep heed to his activity.

At middle of the event we took a refreshment break. we’re provide lunch to all our participants, which was delicious Hyderabadi biryani 😀

After finishing break then we went to the another phase of our training. Ziad introduced our trainee with the Firefox Marketplace and showed everyone how they can properly submit an app in the Marketplace. He has also discussed about a proper and designed icon of FirefoxOS apps through showing his presentation.

12022003_951018061627108_31486674_nAll of our trainee hold their full attention to entire training.

12033411_951018431627071_774056344_n20767329094_aa0a83256a_zAt the last session everyone submitted their first FirefoxOS apps at Firefox Marketplace. The best app of that event was a Result Checker of LU which was developed by Mohaimenul Haque Adnan for our University. In the other hand the best app from WoMoz was an CGPA calculator app. The other apps ideas were also charming.

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I am personally pleased to organize this event because it was my first FirefoxOS event as a host from my FirefoxClub. We’ve just made a little effort for our app training so that everyone of our participant can be aware about open web and open web app also. We did not forget to take a group photo at the end of our app training at LU.

We just got try to make a nice and one of larger Firefox OS app training at our LU for Mozilla.


We’re Mozillian 🙂

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