MozAwareness event at Leading University by LU FirefoxClub

I have organized a few events behalf of Mozilla Bangladesh community up until now. But this event is very special for me because the day before yesterday I have organized my first Mozilla Awareness campaigns in my University.

Leading University is one of the most promising FSA recruitment institute in Sylhet division for Mozilla Bangladesh. But it is sad that only a few volunteers there are familiar with Mozilla Mission and philosophy. So, In last week club meeting we LU FirefoxClub has planned a campaigns for this Summer ’15 semester, which started with the Mozilla Awareness event to aware contributing volunteers as well as to attract NEW FSAs and encourage people to share what makes them say #FoxYeah! and turn that into content for the #FoxYeah hub .


We fixed a date and propose it to the University proctor body. After getting permitted by the University proctor and Head of the CSE department at first we LU FirefoxClub has started MozAwareness Booth at 18th June from 9am to 2pm. It was really great and had a massive response from the Leading University students.





They were so pleased to know about Mozilla and Firefox Student Ambassadors program. About 300 students visited our booth. In booth we talked about Mozilla and it’s philosophy, Firefox Student Ambassadors , Firefox Os, Firefox for Android and Webmaker.

Who wanted to join in Firefox Student ambassador program, we arranged for signup where almost 150 up students signed up and almost 50% of them were from latest batch. We showed them Firefox OS developer preview device. Lots of new registred FSAs downloaded Firefox for Android.




Every new registered FSAs were given cool Firefox stickers and Firefox tattoos. All the new registered FSAs took selfies with cool Firefox and #FoxYeah banner 😀 They were very much exited in Firefox Student Ambassadors program and Webmaker.





At 2pm we closed our booth and at 2:30pm we started our second session which is Mozilla Awareness seminar. 70% new registered FSAs were join there. I explained there about Mozilla Mission and philosophy and FSAs mission.





Then I showed all of them website and told everyone to visit this site and start contributing which area of contribution they like most.  Then I talk with them about #FoxYeah spring campaign and showed them some cool content and video from #FoxYeah website.


1548189_975537385836503_2312840968329926131_oAt seminar there have few interested girls were attended. So I explained there What is WoMoz and What is WoMoz mission. Then We talk with them and planed to create a WoMoz group in our FirefoxClub.


Then Tushar Chakraborty brother shared with us to his last SuMo Bangladesh meetup experience. He also showed how we can contribute in Mozilla location service and Mozilla Support centre. Then he planed to create a SuMo Team and MozStumbling squad in our FirefoxClub.

10985577_975536952503213_6172645682673847079_o11430236_975536689169906_4603833457164590143_oAfter this MozAwareness campaigns, It is for sure that on any future events of Mozilla we will get huge attendees 😀 And I think these booths have been helping us out with more and more contributor engagement.

At last I want to give Thanks to volunteers for making the event colorful, They did an awesome job while communicating with the visitors about Mozilla.

After successfully finished, we took some group photo with #FoxYeah banner.



11415455_975537679169807_6558959617475593908_oIt was extremely nice moment and a great event for LU FirefoxClub.

More exited photos are here:

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Welcome to Firefox


The world is build by hand, break by break, page by page, line by line and despite

all over technological progress are still nothing more powerful than human hand.

To cross boundaries, to challenge convention, to declare independence. So never

underestimate every click, every swipe, every tap you make that yours. Because The

things you do online matter.

2015-06-18_011602When you use Firefox, you have the power to keep those

things personal. Every search, every visit, every conversation, every everything.

This is more then a better browser. This is a browser built from the heart by

thousands of people who are raise their hands.

Welcome to personal freedom on the

Web. Welcome to Firefox !

Wanna download Firefox ?

Click here to download Firefox for Desktop

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MakerParty Sylhet 2014

This report on MakerParty Sylhet has been long overdue. Apologies for the delay in posting it, I have been super busy lately and have finally managed to find some time to jot down this report.


Maker Party is Mozilla’s global campaign to teach the web of Webmaker project all over the world. This is the biggest event of Mozilla and its innovative indeed. As various universities of various regions all over the world are participating in this event. So, We the Sylhet Mozillians also determined to do a Maker Party at Sylhet ddivision. We set the venue at Leading University and Leading University FirefoxClub co-organized it. We decided to make it happen on 28th August, 2014 and fixed a time which is 9:30AM to 3PM. We confirm all the permissions from Leading University authority and booked our seminar room. Then the time is for decoration and we decorated the whole seminar room with various color balloons and painted posters.


After doing lots of affords, finally the time came to rock. We all the FSA from Sylhet Mozillians reached at our premises just at 8:30 O’clock and started testing microphone, speakers, projector and stand-by electricity connection. The Leading University FirefoxClub members were also there just in time to help and visit our event. Our participant started coming from 9AM and we did an attendance booth outside of our seminar room.

There were 30 participants from
1) Leading University
2) Sylhet Polytechnic institute
3) Metropolitan University
4) Sylhet Engineering College
5) North East University



At first we introduced each other and a welcome speech given by Head of the Computer Science & Engineering department of Leading University Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan. Then we showed one minute silent standing ovation for our MozillaBD reps late Rahid Hasan. After that I took a session on Webmaker tools. A brief description about X-Ray Goggle,Thimble, Popcorn Maker and Appmaker. All of the participant were exited about Appmaker tool. It was most desirable part for our all participants. They want to know that how could he make his own apps without any code. I showed to the participants that how one can make an open web based app just by doing drag and drop, no code needed!



Meanwhile it was already around 1PM and as our event time was from 9:30AM to 3PM. So we provided refreshment lunch to the participants.

10606122_853444774665580_4327636679280990739_n    10522429_853444727998918_7915731340204253143_n


After lunch we started our second session which is HackJam. We part 5 institutes by 5 teams. Then We told them to hack using X-Ray Goggle, make an apps by Appmaker tool and make a slideshow by Popcorn Maker. We gave them one hour to do all this things and told them we will rewarded the two best team.







After finished one hour we selected two best team. The 2nd winner were Metropolitan University who won 500BDT prize money and the 1st winner team was Leading University who won 1000BDT prize money. Head of the Computer Science & Engineering department of Leading University Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan and Leading University FirefoxClub faculty mentor Arif Ahmed rewarded them. Then we provided Webmaker certificate to the every participants.



At the end of the day the event was too much awesome and all the participants enjoyed the event very much.We just made a little effort to make our maker party successful and we realized that we’ve done it for support of our all participants and very thankful to Mozilla for doing such type of initiative event and project to literate the nation about open web and how to use web perfectly. Thanks to the Almighty. We do not forget to take a group photo after our maker party. We’re Mozillian !





For more details along participants makes, photos and twite please visit this link below:



MozIftar Sylhet, 2014



This report on MozIftar Sylhet has been long overdue. Apologies for the delay in posting it.



That time is a holy month of Ramadan and that time the occasion is Iftar.

Wednesday , 16th July, 2014 Mozilla Bangladesh and Sylhet Mozillians hosted #MoziftarSylhet at  Peppers Restaurant & Party Center. There were 30 participants from

1) Leading University
2) Sylhet Polytechnic institute
3) Sylhet Engineering College





We started MozIfter at 6pm. I (Sylhet MozIfter coordinator) on behalf of Mozilla Bangladesh and  Sylhet Mozillians started the event by giving thanks to everyone for joining the MozIftar. I told everyone that it was the first meetup for Sylhet Mozillians. So we all are lucky that we were there. Then I introduced everyone to the three institutes Firefox Club Lead. After that we started the general introduction section in this session and everyone were able to meet Mozillians of other institutes.





In that event We discussed a list of following items.

1) Mozilla Bangladesh Facebook group, Fanpage and Website
2) Future events
3) Arrange Makerparty
4) Sylhet Mozillians future plan



It was a real pleasure to get together with so many friends.A great fun with the discussions and took a group photo. We enjoyed a lot and found few more enthusiast. Finally a big thanks to Mozilla Bangladesh and Mahay Alam Khan,Late Rahid Hasan, Ashiqur Rahman Amit, Rine Anam, Mahir Labib Chowdhury, Maliha Momtaz Islam and Sashoto Seeam.



MozCoffee Sylhet 2015

MozCoffee Sylhet

MozCoffee Sylhet, 4th April, 2015, Sylhet

MozCoffee Sylhet was held on Saturday, 4th April, 2015 at Vujon Bari Resturent, Sylhet. The attendee’s institutes were:

  1. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
  2. Leading University
  3. Sylhet Polytechnic institute
  4. North East University


It was the first Mozilla Sylhet community meetup of year 2015. That was the great opportunity to meet the community members each other at start of the year to discuss, plan share the ideas each other at community. Also this  is the perfect occasion for share the experiences of past year.



The MozCoffee started around 4:30pm, at first we started by hugged each other and shook hands. Then we introducing ourselves and the areas in which we have been contributing to Mozilla. Then we share about our past year experience. Mozilla SUST campus lead Abu Shahriar Ratul, LU Firefox club lead Kanthi Lal Baidya, SPI campus lead Mosaraf Hossain Tipu also were attended there. All were happy for the last year successful MakerParty. Then we discussed about the different ways to start contributing to Mozilla – Coding, Testing, Writing, Teaching, Helping, MLS and Localizing.  After acquainting the newcomers to Mozilla, we started by discussing about the future Mozilla events that we could have in Sylhet.

There was also a discussion on ways to promote Contributing to Mozilla location service. We talked about MLS contributing way. Then we installed MozStumbler apps to everyone’s mobile.


In conclusion, we decided to concentrate on having more events to promote the FSA Program, Firefox OS, Testing and Localization, besides having firefox os apps trainig day. We also discussed and decided to have a MozCoffee, at least once every month, to ensure a healthier interaction amongst the Mozillians in Sylhet. It was also decided to have more number of interested people for the upcoming MozCoffees, to acquaint them to Mozilla and its mission of keeping the web open and in the hands of the people. A Mozilla event is incomplete without some cool and awesome swag; we distributed MLS stickers to all the attendees and gave MLS cycling bag to the best MLS contributor in Sylhet who is Tushar Chakraborty at the MozCoffee.


I would like to thank all the attendees for attending the MozCoffee, keeping forth their views and contributing to the discussions, thus making the MozCoffee productive.