MozIftar Sylhet, 2014



This report on MozIftar Sylhet has been long overdue. Apologies for the delay in posting it.



That time is a holy month of Ramadan and that time the occasion is Iftar.

Wednesday , 16th July, 2014 Mozilla Bangladesh and Sylhet Mozillians hosted #MoziftarSylhet at  Peppers Restaurant & Party Center. There were 30 participants from

1) Leading University
2) Sylhet Polytechnic institute
3) Sylhet Engineering College





We started MozIfter at 6pm. I (Sylhet MozIfter coordinator) on behalf of Mozilla Bangladesh and  Sylhet Mozillians started the event by giving thanks to everyone for joining the MozIftar. I told everyone that it was the first meetup for Sylhet Mozillians. So we all are lucky that we were there. Then I introduced everyone to the three institutes Firefox Club Lead. After that we started the general introduction section in this session and everyone were able to meet Mozillians of other institutes.





In that event We discussed a list of following items.

1) Mozilla Bangladesh Facebook group, Fanpage and Website
2) Future events
3) Arrange Makerparty
4) Sylhet Mozillians future plan



It was a real pleasure to get together with so many friends.A great fun with the discussions and took a group photo. We enjoyed a lot and found few more enthusiast. Finally a big thanks to Mozilla Bangladesh and Mahay Alam Khan,Late Rahid Hasan, Ashiqur Rahman Amit, Rine Anam, Mahir Labib Chowdhury, Maliha Momtaz Islam and Sashoto Seeam.




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