MozCoffee Sylhet 2015

MozCoffee Sylhet

MozCoffee Sylhet, 4th April, 2015, Sylhet

MozCoffee Sylhet was held on Saturday, 4th April, 2015 at Vujon Bari Resturent, Sylhet. The attendee’s institutes were:

  1. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
  2. Leading University
  3. Sylhet Polytechnic institute
  4. North East University


It was the first Mozilla Sylhet community meetup of year 2015. That was the great opportunity to meet the community members each other at start of the year to discuss, plan share the ideas each other at community. Also this  is the perfect occasion for share the experiences of past year.



The MozCoffee started around 4:30pm, at first we started by hugged each other and shook hands. Then we introducing ourselves and the areas in which we have been contributing to Mozilla. Then we share about our past year experience. Mozilla SUST campus lead Abu Shahriar Ratul, LU Firefox club lead Kanthi Lal Baidya, SPI campus lead Mosaraf Hossain Tipu also were attended there. All were happy for the last year successful MakerParty. Then we discussed about the different ways to start contributing to Mozilla – Coding, Testing, Writing, Teaching, Helping, MLS and Localizing.  After acquainting the newcomers to Mozilla, we started by discussing about the future Mozilla events that we could have in Sylhet.

There was also a discussion on ways to promote Contributing to Mozilla location service. We talked about MLS contributing way. Then we installed MozStumbler apps to everyone’s mobile.


In conclusion, we decided to concentrate on having more events to promote the FSA Program, Firefox OS, Testing and Localization, besides having firefox os apps trainig day. We also discussed and decided to have a MozCoffee, at least once every month, to ensure a healthier interaction amongst the Mozillians in Sylhet. It was also decided to have more number of interested people for the upcoming MozCoffees, to acquaint them to Mozilla and its mission of keeping the web open and in the hands of the people. A Mozilla event is incomplete without some cool and awesome swag; we distributed MLS stickers to all the attendees and gave MLS cycling bag to the best MLS contributor in Sylhet who is Tushar Chakraborty at the MozCoffee.


I would like to thank all the attendees for attending the MozCoffee, keeping forth their views and contributing to the discussions, thus making the MozCoffee productive.



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